The Five Percent Campaign recognises that violent games

  • are a key driver of militarism and its acceptance in all aspects of society by its players
  • together with the entertainment industry at large, including mass media, are a key enablers of the ‘war without end’ society
  • are a key selection mechanism (right mindset and skills) and recruitment (positive willingness) tool for the military
  • promote the obsession with advanced and expensive high-tech weaponry, particularly those that demonstrates overwhelming and disproportionate power
  • overemphasise the effectiveness and usefulness of force over other peaceful means in resolving issues
  • are now and integral part of the arms industry. The realistic modelling of the armaments in games provides familiarity so that a gamer can readily transform into a user. The futuristic weaponry coming out of game makers’ and gamers’ imagination often inspire s arms maker.
  • spread a narrow view of the world that looks at every issue/situation as a survival game between ‘us and them’ – ‘the strong and the barbaric’.

In order to create greater wider recognition and acceptance of the need to drastically cut global military spending and divert it to more socially useful and economically productive use (eg the green economy), these aspects of the violent games must be tackled.